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A Visitor from Birmingham

Our daughter-in-law Jenny drove to Huntsville on the 2nd to drop off our granddaughter Margaret (9) for her annual visit to "Camp Grandma and Paw Paw". Margaret and Grandma had lots of fun shopping at Hobby Lobby, baking and decorating cookies on National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, and making a doodle book. In case you're wondering about the doodle book, they challenged each other to draw side by side pictures of something that began with a randomly chosen letter of the alphabet. And speaking of the alphabet, Grandma challenged Margaret to learn to recite the alphabet backwards, which she did in no time at all.

Sunday evening I set up the telescope for nice views of Jupiter with 4 of its moons and Saturn with its rings tilted just right for viewing. If you go outside an hour or so after sunset and look to the southwest, the bright "star" you see is Jupiter. And if you turn to the south and see another bright "star", that's Saturn.

We met Jenny on Tuesday at the Subway in Locust Fork, Alabama, to return Margaret to her mom and dad and brothers. Before leaving, Margaret dressed in an outfit that Nancy bought for her last week. And by coincidence mother and daughter had on very similar outfits when they met. That called for another picture.

We had lots of fun with Ian last week and Margaret this week. I hope they had lots of fun too.