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See You Later

As we finished packing up to leave after our weekend visit with John Michael, Margaret, and Jackson (while Mark and Jenny were at the US Open), I asked Jenny to snap this picture before we walked out the door. Over the weekend the boys spent time with their friends and attended a high school football game, but Margaret took good care of her grandparents. We had a really good time.

There was one problem. Saturday evening I ordered pizza from Donatos and asked Jackson to pick it up on his way home from the game. He called after he got to Donatos asking what name the pizza was ordered under. Apparently they didn't have my order. When I checked I realized that I had placed the order at the Donatos in Huntsville. I'm pretty sure it was too late, but I did call the Huntsville store and apologized. Jackson placed our order, waited, and brought home dinner.

I got an email from Donatos yesterday saying that we had purchased our tenth pizza and our next one would be free. I wonder if they counted the 2 ordered in error last weekend.

Nancy spent the last 3 days home alone while I was off playing in a bridge tournament. I had fun and she took good care of things at the house.