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The Thrill of Victory

Last Saturday Mark drove to Huntsville so that our grandson, John Michael (13), could play in a tennis tournament in Hampton Cove, which is just east of and over the hill from our house. He did not lose a set in 3 matches. I snapped this picture after his third and final victory Sunday morning.

We have a hummingbird feeder in our back yard, which up until a week or so ago, was ignored by all except ants. A little Vaseline on the pole took care of the ant problem. We finally saw a couple hummingbirds last week, and I've been trying to get a picture since then. Even though they've been coming around long enough to empty the feeder, I've been unable to encourage them to remain at the table while I get out my camera and open the door to the back yard.

Back to the tennis match last Sunday: There was a boy (9 or 10) wondering around the area with a puppy on a leash. Eventually the puppy worked its way over to me and hung around my feet for a moment or two. The boy said to me that his puppy liked me, and that brought to my mind a phrase about cats I saw on someone's T-shirt recently. So I told the boy that I liked puppies too but that I couldn't eat a whole one myself. He thought about that a moment or two and then looked up at me to see if I was smiling. I was completely unable to keep a straight face, so he ended up with a big smile on his face too.