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Jackson's Birthday

On Thursday our grandson Jackson celebrated his 17th birthday. A couple weeks ago I posted a picture of Jackson on Mount Shasta's highest peak. Today I surrounded that picture with some of my favorites from the past. My all time favorite, in the lower right corner, is of Jackson pretending that the reed he found on the beach is a golf club, which he did with a great deal of excitement and not a little pride. That picture was taken just a couple of months short of Jackson's second birthday.

Nancy likes the one in the lower left corner. It was taken while we were enjoying the sights in the Huntsville Botanical Gardens. He was 5 in that picture.

Aside from the Mount Shasta shot, Jackson would probably like the one in the upper left. I took that picture right after he tossed a bulls-eye into my dartboard. I thought it was safe to allow him to throw a few darts after he turned 10. As for the green hat; I wore that to a bridge tournament a few years back. Got a few interesting comments. Don't know where it is now.

Today Jackson is a high school junior and plays guitar in a band.

Jackson, HAPPY BIRTHDAY from Grandma and Paw Paw. See you in a few days.