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Two Pleasant Surprises

Last Sunday, the first Sunday in December, the temperature in Huntsville surprised us by soaring to 73 degrees, with no rain. We took advantage of that to hang our wreaths on the front windows and door. When we finished, we posed for this picture.

Throughout this year Nancy continued to improve. She is doing more things around the house, like washing clothes and helping with the meals. She has, however, decided to be a little more proactive by consulting a neurologist to see if he can help speed up recovery.

The second surprise concerns Nancy also. In September 2017, I posted the story of Nancy's accident and talked about her 12-hour ambulance ride from Michigan to Huntsville. We had to pay a considerable sum for that service in advance, and later it looked like Blue Cross was not going to cover any part of that cost. In April of this year, we filed a separate claim stating in a long letter why we thought Blue Cross should cover that medical expense. Last week (Yes, last week) we received a notice from Blue Cross saying they agreed.

This week I began to think about how I was going to approach the ambulance company about returning our initial payment now that Blue Cross was about to send them a check. On the very day, Thursday, that I was set to make that call, to our surprise, a check arrived in the mail from the ambulance company for the full amount less our $200 copay. It took a while, but everyone came through in the end.