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Our 50th Anniversary

That's right. That's us walking/running out of the church, just married, 50 years ago today. According to Nancy, who apparently snuck a peak at her watch, we were pronounced husband and wife at 12:23 eastern time. For the record, we were married at St. Mary's Catholic Church in Gallitzin, Pennsylvania, Nancy's home town. And for the record, we're still in love.

Skip ahead 50 years for an update on Nancy who is still a patient at the Healthsouth Rehab Hospital here in Huntsville. We're going to do a "practice" session at home this afternoon. I'm going to pick her up in a couple hours and return with her to our house. The objective is to see what things might need changing or added to the house to accommodate Nancy when she transitions to outpatient status and starts living at home. Right now that could be as early as next Thursday.

She continues to reacquire the use of her arms, hands, and legs, albeit very slowly as is usually the case when recovering from an injury to one's spinal column. See my posts from the last 2 weeks if you don't know what I'm talking about. She can take small steps with the aid of a walker. She can eat her meals but sometimes needs help cutting up the food. She does need a lot of help getting into and out of bed. But we're working on that. Please keep the prayers and good thoughts coming our way. Thanks.