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Crepe Myrtle

Late June, early July in Huntsville is, to say the least, colorful. Lots of sun coupled with goodly amounts of rain results in crepe myrtle blooms throughout the city. Here's a picture of our house that I took last week with our crepe myrtle in full bloom. Many of the streets in town are lined with crepe myrtle of varying colors.

OK, now I want to talk about AT&T, everybody's favorite telephone company. While we use cell phones for almost everything, we do have a land line for a couple of, we think, good reasons. But I wanted the least expensive connection possible. When I got my bill last month ($64.82) I decided to do some more trimming. After a 20+ minute phone conversation with an AT&T representative, I felt that I had what I wanted. Then this month's bill arrived on Thursday. $133.35. Yep, more than double. When I got the rep yesterday, my first comment was that I had a little trepidation about talking to AT&T again. I wasn't looking forward to another 100% increase in my phone bill. I think we got it straightened out. The new bill is $43.35. That still is a lot for a phone that we use for incoming calls only, robo calls and politicians. Whatever.